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TVB's Weekly Television Performance Metrics

When it comes to sports, local TV is critical, as seen with the NHL and NBA playoffs. Our featured market this week is Youngstown, OH.

Nielsen Comparable Metrics Report Q4, 2015

Nielsen’s Comparable Metrics Report helps provide clarity in the form of “apples to apples” metrics designed to address media researcher's critical questions.

Nielsen Local Watch Report April, 2016

Live TV still makes up the bulk of how we watch.

Local Interconnect Penetration

Updated guide to market-by-market reach for local cable and local interconnects.

The American Conversation Study: How Local TV Drives Political Engagement

While 83% of all political conversations happen face-to-face, television plays a key role in influencing what people are saying.

Industry News

TV Dominates Digital Media In Average Minute Viewing, Usage

The VAB says analyzing “average audience per minute” viewing/media usage for all media  -- TV accounts for 95% of video consumption for all adults, and 88% for Millennials. 

With DreamWorks Acquisition, Comcast Vies for Big Media Superiority

The deal also puts NBCU in business with Verizon and Hearst. Each owns a 24.5% stake in AwesomenessTV, which produces and distributes videos aimed at preteens and millennials. The new NBCU unit would have a controlling 51% stake.

TiVo: Big Four Broadcasters Top ‘Must Keep’ List

Although original fare from over-the-top services are becoming increasingly popular, the old standbys – the major broadcast networks – are the top “must keep” sources of programming, per a recent study conducted by TiVo Research.

Cord-Cutting Hits Cable Nets Across The Board

Cable cord-cutting/shaving may be worse than expected. Pivotal Research Group’s Brian Wieser says the latest estimates from Nielsen (its May 2016 results) show a 3.2% year-over-year decline in cable TV homes.

Trump starts spending to end Cruz in Indiana

Donald Trump still needs to win Indiana — and he’s starting to act like it. The frugal Manhattan mogul has begun opening his wallet for the air war, spending more than $900,000 on TV and radio ads.
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