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TVB's Weekly Television Performance Metrics

Nielsen’s recently released Local Watch Report confirms Live TV still accounts for the bulk of our screen time. The AFC and NFC Championship Games were the highest-rated programs in week 17. Charlotte is our market of the week.

Cable & ADS Nov 2014

National Wired Cable penetration continues to decrease, dropping down to 56.9% in Nov’14. ADS remains relatively unchanged at 32.9%, and Broadcast Only homes increased to 10.7%.

Nielsen Q3 Total Audience Report

What You Need to Know—key points highlighting the strength of the local broadcast industry.

2014-2015 DMA Ranks

New season's reports for all 210 DMAs now available.

TV Cost & CPM Trends

2015 spot television cost and CPM trends now available.

Industry News

Empire Is a Massive Hit. Here’s What Its Success Could Mean for the TV Business.

Fox’s ability not only to bring viewers to a new show, but then to keep building that audience, bolsters broadcasters’ argument that they’ve not become irrelevant in the ever-expanding TV universe.

Super Bowl Ads: 11 Commercials That Forced The Big Game To Change Its Spots

Here are a handful of Super Bowl commercials that have given rise to new ways of thinking about how some of the biggest, most-watched ads in the United States are constructed.

Gary Newman: Network TV Advertising Model Needs to Evolve on Digital Platforms

Advertising is not going away anytime soon, but we do need to reimagine it, finding ways to know more about who is watching what shows and to target the ads they receive even more.

Cable Networks Pack More Spots Into Shows

With ratings down and the ad market weak, some programmers —particularly on cable— are packing more commercials into their shows in order to keep ad revenue from falling further.

MTV: Millennials Aren’t Driving Less

Contrary to recent studies that indicate driving is on the decline amongst young people, MTV reports that eight in 10 Millennials get around most often by car as opposed to any other form of transportation.
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