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Week 4 features Scorpion on CBS, the national NFL on FOX game, Halloween specials, and the market of Tulsa, OK.

TVB Guide to 2014 Political Races & DMAs

In the Senate races, NH moves into the “Toss Up” column and SD into the “Leaning Rep” column.
Join Project Roadblock

Be one of the 1000 TV stations to create a nationwide, broadcast PSA roadblock to stop drunk driving this holiday season.

2014-2015 DMA Ranks

New season's reports for all 210 DMAs now available.

Nielsen Cross-Platform Report Q2 2014

What You Need to Know—key points highlighting the strength of the local broadcast industry.

Industry News

How Unbundling Content And Audience Will Negatively Impact Advertisers

The core advertising principles of broad awareness and consideration that TV uniquely delivers cannot be forgotten. And today’s content and advertising bundling are the most efficient means to that end.

TV Screens Still A Home Fixture

Nearly 91% of survey respondents indicated that the TV set remains the device they use to watch television content most often, compared to laptops (12%), tablets (5%), and smartphones (3%), according to research by Hill Holliday.

Election Spending Nearing $4B

This year’s media campaigning is on track to be the most expensive midterm election ever. The CRP projects by the time polls close on Nov 4, the candidates and parties alone will have spent $2.7B on congressional and state races.

Michael Wolff on HBO, CBS Streaming: TV Is Disrupting the Internet

Streaming services from the two networks don't signal television's capitulation to Netflix and the web; it's actually the opposite, as the medium expands yet again to gobble up more revenue.

New Target CEO Makes Mark on Holiday Efforts

Bullseye will crop up in TV advertising in a bigger way than she has in years past. At 650 stores, a likeness of Bullseye will be on display and shoppers will be encouraged to take selfies.
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