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Top program of the week, The 2014 MLB All Star Game on FOX, has continued to see steady growth with overall viewers. Pittsburgh is our featured market along with the new summer program Extant.

Cable & ADS

July 2014 National ADS and Over-The-Air (OTA) penetrations are climbing, while Wired-Cable continues to drop.

TVB Guide to 2014 Political Races & DMAs

The Senate race for Iowa is now a “Toss Up,” while over in Colorado, the Gubernatorial race moves into the “Leaning Democrat” column.

Social Media

Social media networks play a critical role in both our business and personal lives. Learn more about the  phenomenal growth and huge impact on commerce and media.

Nielsen Cross-Platform Report Q1 2014

What You Need to Know—key points highlighting the strength of the local broadcast industry.

Industry News

Ad Council's PSA Dinner Honors Fed Ex's Smith, Colbert Hosts

Peggy Conlon, president and CEO of the Ad Council, touted the annual dinner as a way to “honor those who support the Ad Council and our more than 40 critical social issues.”

2Q Spot Recap: Total +8.8%, Core +0.8%

Political spending soared 640% from the previous year's quarter. Auto advertising also was a strong contributor. “We've seen steady year-over-year growth in automotive spending each quarter for the past few years.”-Matrix Solutions President D.J. Cavanaugh

Planners See Taking Advantage of Technology As Winning Strategy

Technology is actually making TV viewing far more social and instantaneous, pulling the viewing experience further down the purchase funnel.

Growth Game's Not Over for This Sporting Goods Retailer

Dick's Sporting Goods revenue has grown from just over $2.1 billion in 2004 to a projected $6.8 billion in the year ending January 2015, representing a 14.7% compound annual growth rate.

How TV Affects Your Credit Card Spending

“Companies are inclined to ramp up their marketing during shows that are popular on social media, says Steve Lanzano, pres & CEO, TVB. It becomes basically real-time water cooler talk.”
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